T-Scan Software Features

COF – red and white icon that indicates the balance of occlusal contacts present at any given moment

Patient Database – store the data of recorded movies in your computer and retrieve as needed (Practice Management Bridges)

Automated determination between first and last contact and automated determination how long to reach posterior guidance

Multiple view modes allow for flexibility when comparing movies

Comparison charts for comparing pre, mid, and post data

13-color adjustable sensitivity scale

Image library – contains images and descriptions related to occlusion, research, anatomy, MRI's, tomograms • • TMJ and much more to aid in patient education

User friendly alerts to aid the user in recording a movie correctly

The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French and German.

Add-On Capabilities


BioEMG -T-Scan Integration Module:

The T-Scan III-BioEMG Integration Software synchronizes and integrates the data of the T-Scan III with electromyography data of BioResearch's EMG unit (BioEMG). BioEMG measures muscular functions of the head and neck while the T-Scan III shows the force and distribution of teeth. Together, they give a comprehensive view of your patient's bite.


BioEMG-MatScan Integration Module:

This Integration software synchronizes and integrates the clinical data of Tekscan's MatScan with the electromyographic data of BioResearch's EMG unit. Together, they give a complete view of foot pressure, force, and weightbearing measurements and how they relate to the rest and function performance of the muscles.


Save ASCII option available to measure bite force in engineering units - creates a file with data from each frame as comma separated values


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