T-Scan Testimonials

"I feel you cannot adequately perform an equilibration, or rehabilitation without the T-Scan. To balance the forces, occlusion and disclusion times is impossible without this tool. For all my T-Scan equilibrations, I charge $1500. For the patient who is not involved in a big case, I usually schedule for 3 appointments. 1) to remove gross interferences 2) Two weeks later to fine tune 3) One month after 2nd appointment to re-check to determine stability and fine tune. For big cases I add this to my treatment because I ALWAYS finish the occlusion with the T-Scan. You are providing a service that only 1% of dentists possess nationwide... you should get paid for it".

John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE

Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry

Fellow of the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics

Clinical Mentor with The Hornbrook Group


"I highly recommend the T-Scan because of its ease of use and effectiveness. It is extremely useful when making occlusal adjustments because it gives me more accurate information relative to the amount of force on each tooth and the timing of that force. Patients can view the scans, which helps them understand what needs to be accomplished to obtain occlusal stability. The T-Scan also produces documentation showing pre and post procedure results that is critical for patient records."

Dr. Glenn DuPont, D.D.S.

The Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study

"Educating dentists on live patients demands the highest levels of excellence and practical systems from the Hornbrook Group. T-Scan has provided the Hornbrook Group with confident occlusions for the past 7 years. As we bring the most modern dentistry to our courses, we wouldn't dream of leaving the final occlusion to fate or luck. Finishing cases of bonded ceramic or traditional dentistry with the T-Scan takes patient comfort and the final result a quantum leap above marking paper and/or remounts. No other method can balance forces or find and eliminate interferences with this much efficiency!"

Mark W. Montgomery, DMD

"I have found that there is no better way to balance a splint than using T-Scan. Many talk about simultaneous bilateral contact. The use of T-Scan in this regard is invaluable. And using the T-Scan in Phase II equilibrations has provided a much more consistent and superior result. We use the T-Scan daily in our practice. Adjustments are done with increased confidence for both you and your patient. The T-Scan has proven to be not only valuable in treatment, but also to be an excellent practice builder."

Barry Glassman, DMD

Allentown, PA

exclusive distributor of T-Scan® NovusTM

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